Past Events

Playup Perth Friday #12
Tested Friday 19th May, 2017 (Report) (Photos)

Playup Perth Friday #6
Tested Friday 2nd September, 2016 (Report) (Photos)
Artisan Games’ Collateral Damage
Liz Haynes, Sam Foster & Dan Campbell’s Screen Fighters
Stir fire Studio’s Symphony of the Machine
Michael Vatskali’s Samurai Showdown
Bob Hayden’s Vectonic
RAEZ’s Glitz
Grab Saunder’s  Little Bit Lost

Playup Perth Saturday #11
Tested Saturday 30th July, 2016 (Report) (Photos)
RAEZ’s Snakez
Eeshwar Rajagopalan’s  Blocaganda
Darren Broad’s Monte Carlo
Liz Haynes, Sam Foster & Dan Campbell’s Screen Fighters
Nathan Scott’s Untitled Prototype Thing

Playup Perth: Last Night at SK Special Edition #5
Tested Friday 1st July, 2016 (Report) (Photos)
Hoodwinked Studios’ Starlost
Bob Hayden’s Vectonic
RAEZ’s Rogue Blitz
+7 Software’s Final Days
Moss Wolf Games’  HyperDash Heroes

Playup Perth: Interstate Arcade Edition #4
Tested Friday 29th April, 2016 (Report)
Alberto Santiago’s GoatPunks Party [NSW]
Outback Pixel’s  Roid Rage [Kalgoorlie]
Outback Pixel’s Thwart Geo [Kalgoorlie]
David Fonno’s Morro & Jasp: Unscripted [Canada]
Shadow Play Studio’s Projection [NSW]
Lisa Evans PhD survey, A World of Choices [Perth]
RAEZ’s Rogue Blitz

Playup Perth Saturday #10
Tested Saturday 2nd April, 2016 (Report)
Bear Tooth’s Super Salmon Migration
Whacky Brew’s Whacky Ball
Eeshwar Rajagopalan’s  Blocaganda
RAEZ’s Rogue Blitz

Playup Perth: Global Game Jam Special Edition #3
Tested Friday 26th February, 2016 (Report)
Stir fire Studio’s Symphony of the Machine
Needs More Cats
Ritual Failure
Golem’s Wake
Inti’s Trial
Bathtime Exorcist
Mage Masher
Mime Madness

Playup Perth Saturday #9
Tested Saturday, 30th January, 2016 (Report)
Spiral Atlas’ Soon
Spiral Atlas’ Northanger Abbey: The Game
LittleFort’s Ballad Of Crater: The Small Town at the End of the World
Jonathan Fitch’s The Will & The World

Playup Perth: Support WA Games Edition (with Special Guest Sen. Scott Ludlam!) #2
Showcased Saturday, 10 October, 2015 (Report) (Photos)
Black Lab Games’ Star Hammer The Vanguard Prophecy 
SK Games’ Catnips 
Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall 
HiVE Interactive’s Blitz Bandits 
HiVE Interactive’s Aliensche
Desura’s World’s Fastest Pizza 
Tripleqmark’s Bloc
Pre-launch previews
Offpeak Games’ Valiant
Jacob Janerka’s Paradigm
ByteSprite’s’ BrambleLash
Stirfire Studio’s D3bug
Desura’s One Night Only

Playup Perth Saturday #8
Tested Saturday, 12th September, 2015 (Report)
Tripleqmark’s  Bloc
Bear Tooth Studios’  Super Salmon Migration
HiVE Intereactive’s  Aliensche
Colin Gan’s Verbivore
HiVE Intereactive’s Blitz Bandits
RAEZ’s Rogue Blitz

Playup Perth Friday @SK Games #5
Tested Friday, 31 July, 2015 (Report) (Photos)
Black Lab Games’ Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy
Steve Wilding’s Time Chasers
RAEZ’s Doomsday Convention
Brett Cullen’s Scavenge the Wastes
 Rogue Blitz
Bobby Greaney’s A.G.E.
Mike Cann’s Mr. Nibbles Forever
1984 Games’ Farter Surfer

Playup Perth Saturday #7
Tested Saturday, 27 June, 2015 (Report) (Photos)
Tripleqmark’s Flip Flop
RAEZ’s Dwarven Topaz
Games We Play & Weerianna Street Media’s Whose ya mob?
RAEZ’s Rogue Blitz
Tripleqmark’s Tiny Castles

Playup Perth #6 – Special Edition
Tested Friday 29 May, 2015 (Report) (Photos)
Anthony Sweet’s Grand City

Playup Perth Friday @SK Games #4 
Tested Friday 8 May, 2015 (Report)
ByteSprite’s’ BrambleLash
Kai Ashford-Hatherly, Kit Matthews and Rob Lemmon’s Suburban Encounter
Offpeak Games’ Valiant
Tripleqmark’s Flip Flop
Tripleqmark’s Tiny Castles

Playup Perth Saturday #5
Tested Saturday, 28 March, 2015 (Report)
Tripleqmark’s Thirtysix
drewFX’s  Nanotek Gladiator
Tripleqmark’s Wick RPG System

Playup Perth Friday @SK Games #3 
Tested Friday 27 February, 2015 (Report)
Bytesprite’s’ Bramblelash
Bear-Tooth Studios’ Arbalest 3035
Tungamirai Mangombe’s Hostile Encounter

Playup Perth Friday @SK Games #2
Tested Friday 26 September, 2014 (Report) (Photos)
Offpeak Games’ Valiant
Daragh Wickham’s Defender of the Wood
Tripleqmark’s Into The Pie
SK Games’ Astral

Playup Perth Saturday #4
Tested Saturday 30 August, 2014 (Report)
Gnomic Studio’s Square Heroes
James Paddock’s The Adventures of Square

Playup Perth Friday #1
Tested Friday 25 July, 2014 (Report)
Glen Spoors’ Colossus Awakes
Glen SpoorsPocket Troll
Anthony Sweet’s Breakwater

Playup Perth Saturday #3
Tested Saturday 7 June, 2014 (Report)
Wendy White’s Underwater Story
Claude Woodward’s Bok

Playup Perth Saturday #2
Tested Saturday March 1, 2014 (Report)
Games We Play’s  Space Trek: The New Generation
Glen SpoorsColossus Awakes
Glen SpoorsPocket Troll

Playup Perth Saturday #1
Tested Saturday August 17, 2013 (Report)
David Fono‘s Metagame
Kate Raynes-Goldie‘s Message on a Bottle

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