Playup Perth Saturday #9

Playup Perth #9

  • 30 January, 2016
  • 1pm-4pm
  • Carpe Coffee (526 Murray Street)
  • Light snacks and drinks will be available for purchase from the cafe
  • All ages! (Players 12 and under will need to be accompanied by a guardian).
  • $7 (FTI members)/ $10 (regular)
  • Tickets available here
Hi Playupers!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful and game-filled holiday (I played wayyyy too much Fallout 4)

I’m excited to announce our first playup for this year, which will feature some games that are not only brand new to Playup Perth but also friendly for all ages.

We’ve also confirmed all of the dates for this year, and tickets for the all ages Playup Perth Saturday at Carpe Coffee can now be booked up until July here. Tickets for all of this year’s 18+ Playup Perth After Dark at SK Games will also be up shortly.

See you on the 30th!


Kate Raynes-Goldie, Director of Games and Interactive at FTI

We will be playtesting:


1.) Spiral Atlas’s Soon – That Dr Fang thinks she’s so special just because she solved global warming and never blew up any of Switzerland. But now you have a time machine and soon, soon they will ALL PAY.

A humourous science fiction visual novel teaching important lessons about teamwork, robots, and the nature of causality. Three endings as well as several bad timelines you have the chance to fix with time travel, all of which are laid out in the included walkthrough.

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, and in a text based version.

2.) Spiral Atlas’s Northanger Abbey: The Game – Experience Jane Austen’s classic satirical romance in a whole new way. Dance, love, and discover the secrets of the Abbey. Choose one of three genders and five love/friendship interests, and see what lies beyond the pages of the novel.

3.) LittleFort’s Ballad of Crater: The Small Town at the End of the World – a spunky top down adventure game with afro-head bobbing and twin stick shooter elements. It’s set in ‘Crater Town’: A small town nestled in the crater left after the world ended. In the crater things are a little odd. Mutations and zombiefied creatures roam around in a jive pre-21st century limbo. Life is good for the town’s folk, but: Legend tells of a great rain and, as water runs down hill and collects in holes… much like craters, they begin to feel the need to search for a way out.

4.) Jonathon Fitch’s The Will & The World – Interactive Fiction Novel meets Improv. A a multiplayer text based adventure, using readily available technology it is both a game and a tool for storytelling online. More than just one story, it is a method for content creators to build a world and engage their audience in a live environment.

Grab your ticket!

Wanna test your game at the next event? Follow this link to apply!

Drop a line to or tweet @oceanpark

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