Playup Perth Saturday #11

Playup Perth Saturday #11

  • 30 July, 2016
  • 1pm-4pm
  • Carpe Coffee (526 Murray Street)
  • Light snacks and drinks will be available for purchase from the cafe
  • All ages! (Players 12 and under will need to be accompanied by a guardian).
  • $7 (FTI members)/ $10 (regular)
  • Tickets available here
Hey Playup-ers!
It’s time for another Playup Perth Saturday at Carpe Coffee. We have a bunch of great chill tabletop games for you, with a few more to be announced. Is there a better way to spend a Winter Saturday afternoon than with a bunch of friends, a cuppa and some great games? Join us!
See you Saturday 30th July



So far we will be playtesting:

1.) RAEZSnakez, the board game where players control snakes around a board gaining size from eating power ups — but where larger snakes become more powerful and harder to control with small snakes more versatile!

2.) Eeshwar Rajagopalan‘s Blocaganda — a 2-4 player strategy game where you blast your message across all forms of media to influence the public to make you into the mayor!


3.) Darren Broad‘s Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo is a casino-themed card game for 2-5 players. Play cards in a common area & place chips to manipulate their values to achieve your goals and win money.


4.) Dan Campbell’s Screen Fighters – Collect enough piratey treasures before your split-screen opponent; treasures that squeeze your opponent’s viewport out of existence. Jump in and out of each other’s camera space or fire directly across the visual boundary; sail in the world but fight in the screen.

5.) Nathan Scott’s Untitled Prototype Thing – Use the arrows to run and the mouse to gun. Semplice!

Wanna test your game at the next event? Follow this link to apply!

Drop a line to or tweet @oceanpark

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