Playup Perth: VR Special Edition

Hello Playup Perthers!

Last month we hosted our first ever international playup, Playup Bali which filled up the local coworking space, Hubud, with more than 30 game enthusiasts to play 3 locally made games.

And I have yet another exciting announcement for March. Lisa Chu, Program Manager for HTC’s VIVE is going to be in town from Taiwan, so we’ll be throwing special VR-only Playup Perth night for her.

We have a few spots left if you want to show off your VR content (can be finished or in production) — email if you’re interested.

See you on March 24!


  • Friday, March 24th
  • 6:00pm – 10:30pm
  • The Nostalgia Box, 3/16 Aberdeen St, Perth WA 6000
  • TICKETS: $7 (FTI members) / $10 (regular)
  • This event is 18+
    (There will be a discounted bar)

Featured VR Games and Experiences

1.) Burning Candle Software‘s Boondoggle is a VR music visualizer built on its own small custom engine. It aims to use pretty shadertoy style ray-marching to make unique visual effects to music.


2.) Stirfire Studio‘s Symphony of the Machine. An ancient machine controls the weather and its creators are long gone. You must perform the ritual and come to understand its workings to save your crops.

3.) Savage Cabbage‘s The Drowning Dungeons. Every 5 years, the Lord and Lady of the Draemarian provinces “invite” a guest to escape from their Drowning dungeon. Should the poor soul escape they will be granted their reward of freedom, however if they perish, their soul and life essence is siphoned through the magic of the dungeon to the Lord and Lady, extending their lifespan and allowing them to continue to rule with an iron fist. Can you survive The Drowning Dungeons?


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