From free to almost free

Dear playupers,

Playup Perth has been growing really fast. We’ve moved from every two months to a monthly event, we have a wonderful media partner, Gamecloud, we were featured on RTR and and our last event totally sold out! But with success also comes some challenges. We’ve always wanted to have Playup Perth be as accessible as it could possibly be, which is why we made it a free event. At the same time, we need to make sure the event is a useful resources for developers. We’ve found that we would get a lot of people registering, but then not showing, which makes it very difficult for us to properly plan events and match the right number of attendees to the right number of games. This issue has become even more pressing now that the event has become quite popular. So, this is why we’ve decided that in order to make sure sure we can offer a fun and useful event, we need to charge small ticket fee for each event.

But to make sure we are still accessible, if for whatever reason, you need a free ticket, please email us (kate (at) and we will get you a complimentary ticket, no questions asked.

See you at the next playup!


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