End of Year Party: Play Up Perth + Let’s Make Games + Nostalgia Box

  • Date: Friday, December 9th
  • 6pm til late
  • The Nostalgia Box*, 3/16 Aberdeen St, Perth WA 6000 (100% wheelchair accessible)
  • $7 (FTI members)/ $10 (regular)
  • Cheap drinks all night! (yes this event is 18+)
  • Buy tickets here
Hey Playup Perth-ers!
What an incredible year we’ve had, with an amazing Perth Games Festival, Playup Perth turning 3 and testing 100+ games. It’s also The Nostalgia Box’s first birthday! It’s definitely time to celebrate, so along with our friends at Let’s Make Games and The Nostalgia Box we’re hosting an special end of year Playup Perth.
So come play some WA made games in development and help us celebrate all of our wins this year. Festive cosplay encouraged!
— Kate

We’ll be playtesting:

1.) 42 BYTESLast DriverZ – 

Run over zombies, get supplies, repeat. How far can you get? Endless driving game for mobiles.

Dive into the post-apocalyptic world of the DriverZ trying to make your way through beat up streets, threading through wreckages, running over zombies, and pillaging old warehouses and general stores trying to upgrade your vehicles and recruit more peope for your group of survivors!

2.) Drew FX‘s Burn


“Burn”, a new car combat game from DrewFX is coming your way. Strap in, prime those missiles, light the flamer and fill that tank. Burn rubber!

3.) ByteSprite‘s Bramblelash – 

BrambleLash is a spritely multiplayer co-op game with tactical team-and-swap action. Enchanted sprites work together to defeat slimy invaders in a whimsical setting full of glimmering shadows. Connect, cooperate or betray to win!


4.)  Oscar Brittain‘s Desert Child –


Race on hover bikes in the desert, because what else are you going to do?

5.) Vault eSports’  Basketball Game – 


Vault eSports’ first product is a player vs player real money basketball game. Players sign up and play basketball free-throw matches against family, friends or other platform players for real money. Players need to score more goals than their opponent in 60 seconds to win.

6.) Lost Isle Media‘s Pocket Troll

A mini-board game with cards and dinky tokens, pitting 3 children against a marauding troll.

7.) Wes Lamont’s Rogue Blitz


The world is under attack by a series over very powerful enemies that have defeated the world’s top air forces. The United Nations and governments are turning to a small group of Rogue Captains piloting experimental fighter planes to try to win the day. Players take on the roles or these Rogue Captains and their warplanes being sent on near impossible missions to defeat these nemeses and save the world.

Rogue Blitz is a board game inspired by the scrolling shoot-em-ups arcade games (SHMUPS) popular in the 1980s. Centred around the challenging boss battles the Rogue Captains need to use strategy, skill and coordination to succeed on each mission and overcome the enemy.

8.) Dark Mirror Games Banishment

In Banishment, one player takes on the role of an accursed Demon, and the rest are Exorcists trying to banish them. This is a fast, highly interactive card game involving strategic thinking and eternal damnation.

At the beginning of the game, Rituals are pulled from the Ritual deck equal to the total number of players plus one. These have requirements written on them. When the Exorcists meet the requirements of a Ritual, it is resolved. When all are resolved, the Demon is cast back into the darkness from whence it came and the Exorcists win.



Wanna test your game at the next event? Drop a line to kate@fti.asn.au or tweet @oceanpark.


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