Playup Perth (Special Edition) – Global Game Jam

(Read about last year’s Playup Perth: Global Game Jam Edition from last year here.)
  • Friday, February 3rd
  • 6pm til late
  • The Nostalgia Box*, 3/16 Aberdeen St, Perth WA 6000 (100% wheelchair accessible)
  • $7 (FTI members) / $10 (regular)
  • Cheap drinks all night! (this event is 18+)
  • Buy tickets here.

Kickstarting 2017 into full throttle, FTI is hosting a Special Edition Playup event on Friday 3rd February @ Nostalgia Box for the games created at the annual Global Game Jam (GGJ) for 2017!

GGJ is an international event that simultaneously brings together talented individuals from all around the globe, challenging them to develop a game in 2 days around a central theme. The aim is to design, develop create, test and make a new game in the time span of 48 hours.

In Jan 2016, GGJ had over 600 locations in 93 countries create 6866 games in one weekend. The theme was ‘Ritual’, with Perth contributing 20 brand new and local prototypes, some of which went onto become fully realised games: ‘Symphony of the Machine‘ (Stirefire Studios) and ‘Banishment’ (Black Mirror Games), BOTH of which have been Playtested at Playup Perth previously.

2017’s Local GGJ, hosted by Let’s Make Games, will be held at SAE Northbridge (116-120 Roe St) from Fri 20th – Sun 22nd of Jan. All creatives are welcome to attend, including writers, artists and musicians (GGJ always needs more Musicians). Sign up for #GGJPerth here.

Games tested at this Playup:

1.) Grae Saunders’ Microwave-O-Rama – 

Run a diner kitchen with the latest cooking tools. Order more stock and do it all again!

2.) Aaran Gicquel’s Mad Huey!!

Huey the God of surf has flipped his lid.  Now it’s time to surf to survive. Steer clear of obstacles & Huey’s “Waves of Fury” using your radical wave power. Achieve the “Most Excellent” respect status to impress Huey by creating waves on the beat!

3.) Colton Onderwater’s Call of Coolthulu: Makin’ Waves

Be a cool guy; summoned from the depths to bring good times, walk with the beat to the music to make sick waves and party down.

4.) Joshua Waring’s Pulse

Pulse is a platformer set in darkness… Really… You can’t see anything besides your character. The only way to see is by releasing a pulse of light to detect what is around you.

5.) Studio Kraze‘s (Lee Kennedy) Cortex

You find yourself in a dark abandoned facility, searching for life. What do you do next? Cortex is a cyberpunk first person explorer.

6.) Hien Pham’s Ravelength

¸.•*¨*•Match the wavelength to max the ravelength!•*¨*•.¸

To be a successful DJ you need to play music that matches the vibes of the people on the dance floor. Match the sound of your tracks to the wavelengths of the three dancers!

7.) Liam Kinsella’s Irradiate My Heart

Irradiate My Heart is an asymmetrical 2-player platformer about the ultimate battle of good versus evil! Play as a highly advanced nano-bot or a sentient tumour. Eradicate the cancer with your gamma radiation.

8.) Ashley Fraser’s Curse You Merciful Poseidon

Play as your god and sink your opponent’s ship. (Local Multiplayer Arena)

9.) RAEZ’ Byzantine Prize – 

Use your fleet of vessels to grab the byzantine treasure whilst avoiding the other opposing teams and the sentient waves trying to stop everyone from entering their territory.

10.) Bytesprite Games Pitch Imperfect – 

Dodge obstacles by giving your vocal chords a workout. High pitch sends you up, low pitch down. Microphone input required!

11.) Paul Geronimo’s The Floor is Not Lava (Yet) – 

King Dragon is jealous of your super slick jacket and is trying to ignite the volcano under you! bounce out the lava and prove that you’re way cooler than him!

12.) Jason Hutchens’ RockVomit – 

Competitive Ragdoll Dance-off

13.) Jacob Kreck’s BattleBouncers – 

Wave goodbye to your friends as you join the new wave of Extreme Trampoline Champions. Fight using such advanced techniques as the world renowned “Double bounce” to fling your enemies off the Polypropylene Pedestal as you fight to be the last man standing.


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