Playup Perth Friday #12

*This venue is 100% wheelchair accessible

Hey Playup Perth-ers,

After a rather successful Playup Perth: KicksART Special Edition, in partnership with Propel Youth Arts last month, we’re back with another Friday night date, featuring games and drinks and fun, plus a few exciting announcements you won’t want to miss!

See you on the 19th,

— Kate

Featured Games and Experiences (so far…*)

1) Bounce-Break by Bear-Tooth Studios – A puzzle platformer where the player has only two choices – either bounce off walls or break through them!


2) Samurai Showdown by Otterspace Games – After a successful showing at Playup Perth’s KickStART Special Edition for younger gamers, this fast-paced, button-mashing, multiplayer arcade death-match is back to show the adults who’s boss. Only speed and accuracy will decide the victor!


3) Desert Child by Oscar Brittain is a racing RPG set in a dusty world where your only friends are a vintage hoverbike and a packet of instant noodles. The player begins their rags-to-riches story on a ruined Earth, with just a few days to get enough money to get to Mars. From there, you’ll win races, customize your bike, and earn fans, but at the same time you’ll have to work jobs, cook dinner, and pay rent. Nothing’s free in Desert Child.


4) Elemental Forces by Rhys Walters is a two-player board game of strategy and chance that rewards those willing to make sacrifices as much as those determined to hold on to what they have.


5) The Coins McGuffin by David Green is a trading card game for fans of…well, everything! Whether it’s TV shows, books, video games or movies, everyone has a fandom they love. The Coins of McGuffin TCG pitches your fandom against that of your friends in a card battling arena. You can create your own custom decks and discover new fandoms as you collect them all.


6) Balants by Dogmelon studio – Face opponents in a frenetic battle that only one team will survive. Capture opposing blobs, or wipe them from the board completely. But think fast: they’ll try to do the same to you!


7) Leap of Faith by Numbat Byte is a platformer where you have to beat the boss and jump off. But where will you go next?


8) I am King by Kyle Neal is a political-satire strategy card game where players use their favourite or not-so-favourite politicians to become Supreme Leader!


* Watch this space for other games we’ll be testing as they are confirmed!


Do you want to playtest your game?

PlayUp Perth provides a willing audience of testing guinea pigs for you to inflict your alpha and beta-builds on.

You’ll get heaps of feedback on what’s great, what sucks and how to make it better!

We love physical games, community games, hybrid games, street games, alternate reality games, video games, mobile games… or something we’ve never even thought of yet.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your game for testing now!


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