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Playup Perth has grown tremendously since its early days in the State Library of WA more than three years ago. We’ve seen the size of both our audience and venue grow steadily as time has gone on, but it hasn’t been until now that we’ve seen our team grow too! We want to help take Playup Perth to the next level, and we are confident that our revamped team is up to the task!

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie

With too many accolades to count, Kate has been the driving force behind Playup Perth since she founded the event in 2014. Recently featured in the ACS Innovator Series, Kate an award-winning professional speaker, game designer and researcher who runs Games We Play, an award-winning games consultancy that creates games for education, community and social impact. From 2014 to 2017, Kate also created and ran the Games & Interactive program at FTI, garnering local Perth games much needed public attention (and funding!).

Kate will remain as head honcho of Playup Perth, overseeing all vital details to ensure no game goes untested! Whether it be organising the event, running the show or finding games to test, Kate shall be the stalwart leader pushing the team onwards.

Nick Ballantyne

Nick is an ISO 31000:2009 cultist, which either means he’s studying engineering or he’s some kind of computational demonologist. He is currently Managing Editor over at Gamecloud, covering and assisting with Playups since the early days.

He is currently in charge of Playup Perth’s’s social media as well as helping out on the night. And because he’s so good at grammar, he gets to write up all the blog posts too! What a helpful fellow, that ol’ Nick!

Carina Uehr

Carina is Playup Perth’s brand new Event Coordinator who will be managing all things back of house. Carina is certified in project management, currently working as a Project Support Officer, so she’s quite good at making sure things get done.

Helen Kwok

Helen graduated as top smartypants (aka Dux) from Applecross High School, venturing into design and multimedia just as successfully. She has worked in the education and government sectors, using her expertise in digital design to create multimedia and e-learning resources.

Helen will be redesigning the Playup Perth website as well as consoling us when we start blaming computers for all our troubles.

Sofie Mather

Sofie is well-versed in the Perth gaming sphere. She helped start up SK Games many a moon ago and now helps run LEVEL ONE, a co-working event for local game developers. As if she already doesn’t have enough to do, she also works as Community Manager for Stirfire Studios.

She will be helping out with organising events, especially the bar, and running the show on the day. If you see her running around on the night, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Jessie Yeoh

Jessie is the owner and rightful guardian of The Nostalgia Box, a retro gaming museum and event space. We were so excited to make the Box our new home last year. The Nostalgia Box as the coolest place to play games both new and old.

To that end, Jessie will be getting more involved with Playup Perth, assisting in event orchestration and execution. Oh, and making sure we’ve always got a working copy of Duck Hunt.

We’re excited to have new faces on-board to help take Playup Perth to the next level!

About Playup Perth

Playup Perth is a bi-monthly (that’s one roughly every two months) Perth game testing night. We aim to connect the general public to local developers and help them get feedback on their games. If you’d like to know more, please take a gander at our About page.

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